Intersection of Truth & Beauty – the Arts in Christianity

C.S. Lewis, author of the popular allegorical tales “The Chronicles of Narnia,” once wrote, “Reason is the natural organ of truth, but imagination is the organ of meaning.” Lewis was somewhat ahead of his time with that statement 70 years ago, not because it was less true at that time, but because the society he…  [read the full post]

Making HCA Proud – High Academic Standards

I had the distinct privilege of announcing the names of three HCA seniors, Emily Currey, Jared Finley, and Alex Wendte, at the recent Kansas Honors Program ceremony on Wednesday, October 22. Our college counselor, Mrs. Terry Eaves, also participated and greeted them as they walked across the stage at Olathe South High School. HCA participated…  [read the full post]

Help! I Have To Choose A College!

When it comes time to choose a college that is just right for you, it can seem like an overwhelming task. While some parts of the process are easily understood, other aspects may prove to be complex and confusing, but with prayer and proper planning, you can minimize much of this anxiety. Many schools, HCA…  [read the full post]

To Tweet Or Not To Tweet?

Parents and educators alike are faced daily with decisions regarding what is best for those in our care. While we may long for the “good old days” of innocence (which, dare we say, weren’t always so innocent), those days are gone. Our children have far more choices in front of them, and it is our…  [read the full post]

Lessons from the Pitch

I was recently reflecting back on a gut-wrenching soccer loss that HCA experienced some time ago. I watched as the HCA players fought back tears (most unsuccessfully) at the realization that their season was over, short of their dream. Players hugged teammates, coaches, and anyone else who could offer some solace and comfort. It’s a…  [read the full post]

The Beginning of the End?

As recently as late summer, an executive order was signed in the White House making it illegal for federal contractors to discriminate against gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender employees. While this sounds somewhat harmless for most of us, it quite possibly could have an unintended and very dangerous consequence for the future for Christian schools.…  [read the full post]

How to Train Your Children

Earlier this week as I was driving my kids to school, an overwhelming sense of great responsibility washed over me. I am a father of four. Raising kids in this rapidly changing society, in which morals are under-appreciated and happiness is celebrated, becomes a real life challenge. What happened to the days of struggle and…  [read the full post]

Unquestioned Answers

Goodbye grey sky, hello blue Nothing can hold me when I hold you Feels so right, can’t be wrong Rockin’ and rollin’ all week long This song introduced America to the coolest guy on TV in the late 70’s … leather jacket, cycle, the hair, babe magnet … The Fonz. Happy Days was a nostalgic…  [read the full post]

{Science & the Christian} Can Scientists Even HAVE A Christian Worldview?

Why do we feel called to spend our time, talent and treasure on teaching today’s students a strong Christian worldview? The world around us, mainly in the form of the various media that bombards our thoughts daily, would have us believe that those with a worldview that is shaped by Biblical beliefs are outdated and…  [read the full post]

When Fear (& Ebola) Hit Close to Home

In my most recent post, I argued that a Christian school is the best representation of the ‘real world’ based on the concepts of Sovereignty, Authority, and Proximity. I had a recent exchange with a student about the first pillar, God’s Sovereignty. By now, I’m sure many (or all) of you are aware of the…  [read the full post]