Defending Christian Values – Wisely & Gently

Every student that is in our school will eventually enter into the greater world outside these halls. While that may sound like an overtly obvious statement, we nonetheless need to entertain that very thought every day that we teach our students. Excellence in education is part of what we strive for every single day. But […]

What Drives Your Child’s Choices?

Last night was a night of tragedy and triumph for the Rogers’ family.  The drama all began when I mentioned to the kids I had premium tickets to the Royals game.  One might be tempted to think, “Where’s the tragedy in that?” But let me finish.  I had only two tickets.  One ticket for me, […]

The Bright Side Of Technology

Last week Heritage Christian Academy hosted Brad Huddleston of Dark Side of Technology for a parent/student seminar addressing some of the dangers/challenges presented by technology.  Brad, noting recent research on the addictive nature of technology, challenged those in attendance to develop a balanced approach toward technology for their families.  He reminded us of Paul’s exhortation […]

Christian Education – The Three-Legged Stool

The following excerpt came from a newsletter titled “Reformed Pathways” and was written by Dr. Nelson D. Kloosterman, Professor of Ethics and New Testament Studies at Mid-America Reformed Seminary. Farmers used to milk cows by hand, sitting on a three-legged stool, which enabled them to get close to their work and maintain stability. This image […]