10 Encouraging Quotes For Parents

We are in the business of educating children. That means that we daily come alongside parents, working with them to instill the values and beliefs that are important to them. While we strive for excellence in education, we also desire to be a helpful resource to parents as they train up their children. Sometimes, that…  [read the full post]

Is The Cost Of College Even Worth The Effort?

A recent study by the Federal Reserve determined that 62.1 % of college graduates are currently working in a job that requires a college degree. Only 27.1% of college graduates are working in a job related to their major field of study while at college. These numbers skew somewhat higher in large cities where one…  [read the full post]

Building “Culture Makers”

It’s through you – every single one of you – that we’re going to change culture. But first, you have to be changed. You can’t go out and change culture with an untransformed life yourself. It starts with you. That’s how culture changes . . . because YOU are the culture makers. The above quote…  [read the full post]

Tomorrow’s Leaders – How We Are Developing Them Now

One of our great passions – and an area in which we focus greatly – is contributing to the next generation of Christian leaders. While not every child will go on to lead great crowds, the fact is, everyone is leading in their own way. We all have someone (or maybe several) who are looking…  [read the full post]

Is Perpetually Praising Our Children Actually Hurting Them?

I was recently listening to my morning inspirational radio show on the way to work (The Border Patrol on 810) and heard Tim Grunhard, former Chiefs All-Pro offensive lineman talking about an experience he had with his daughter at the Kansas state swim meet.  In the preliminaries, his daughter swam the fastest time in the…  [read the full post]

What NOT To Look For When Choosing A School

I have a regular routine that commences shortly after the end of the school year and signals the beginning of summer…I clean and organize my desk and bookshelves. (This is a good thing as those of you who have visited my office can attest!) Invariably, I stumble across articles and books that I have previously…  [read the full post]