Is The Christian Worldview Dead?

There seems to be a fresh urgency among teachers and educators within the Christian Worldview realm. Now, almost more than ever before, it is critical that we teach the next generation to have a solid footing in an ever-changing cultural landscape. Views that are blatantly opposed to the laws of God are now viewed as…  [read the full post]

Beach Selfies & The New Way Of “Experiencing”

A recent beach experience brought back a flood of memories for me. I watched as a group of girls near me chattered in excitement. You know the kind – jumping up and down, trying to say more words than their mouths could form in ten seconds kind of excited. I well understand that excitement as…  [read the full post]

What Kind Of A Leader Are You?

He who thinketh he leadeth and hath no one following him is only taking a walk. — John Maxwell In his book Developing the Leader Within You, John Maxwell identifies five levels of leadership and the way in which influence is exercised within each level. At the lowest level, Positional leadership, people follow a leader…  [read the full post]

College Planning Advice From Top College Admissions Officers

As we approach the end of summer, every family who has a school-aged child begins to think about school plans. And those families whose students are in their high school years would also do well to be thinking more long–term; whether or not their student is planning on attending college. It is estimated that a…  [read the full post]

15 Tips For Getting Back To School Successfully

We had barely passed the 4th of July celebrations when “Back to School” supplies started showing up on the shelves at the store. Most parents saw them, rolled their eyes at the early timing, and went about with their summer activities. Next came the “Back to School” commercials on tv. Most parents noticed them, thought…  [read the full post]

What Makes A Christian School Great ? {Hint: It Has To Do With Teachers!}

I had the privilege of attending a leadership conference earlier this summer. It was thoroughly enjoyable as it provided an opportunity to network with other Christian school leaders as well as hear from several excellent speakers on a variety of leadership topics. I have always found it beneficial to interact with, pray with, encourage and…  [read the full post]