Ensuring Excellence in Education

What drives student performance in the classroom? Is it a great facility, outstanding curriculum, peer pressure, parental pressure, fear of failure, technology, classical training or additional funding? While each of those listed items has had some modicum of success, there is no consistent correlation between them and student achievement. As the debate rages over Common […]

5 Things Every High School Student Needs To Know About College Prep!

Being accepted by the college of your choice is a competitive, obstacle-filled world. For many young people, this is the largest and most impacting decision to date of their young lives. The importance of choosing the right school, coupled with the knowledge that colleges are becoming more selective in their admissions, can make this a […]

Needed: A Compass That Points To Truth

Several years ago I was sitting in a theater watching Mr. Holland’s Opus, an inspiring tale of a frustrated musician working to write his orchestral masterpiece, his opus, only to realize in the end that the students’ lives he had touched over the years were truly his opus.  It remains one of my favorite “teacher […]