“GOD IS A MYTH” {So Says The Curriculum}

Some of you may have heard of the recent controversy in the Katy, Texas school district where a junior high teacher developed an “assignment” that she believed would assist the students in understanding the difference between a fact, an opinion and a myth. If confined to a discussion of the definition of those terms, the…  [read the full post]

For Those Who Want To Change The World

We’ve all had dreams of changing the world at some point in our lives. Maybe those dreams occurred as a child, taking on the form of being an astronaut or sports hero. Sometimes, those dreams popped up as a new union began, with the sound of wedding bells came the images of working side-by-side as…  [read the full post]

Worldview: A Few Degrees Off Makes A World Of Difference

There is a well-documented, but relatively unknown, rule within the realm of direction and compass headings. It is called the “Rule of 1 in 60,” and if you happen to be a pilot or ship navigator, you know it well.  However, for the rest of us, the rule goes something like this: for every 1…  [read the full post]


We are now smack in the middle of Blue October, the Major League Baseball postseason in Kansas City.  Royals fans are familiar with the hashtag #ForeverRoyal … the mantra of support for the recent resurgence of our team into national prominence.  For the Christian, however, #ForeverRoyal has an entirely different meaning. As a part of…  [read the full post]

What’s The Purpose Of Art Education In A Christian School?

In every school across this country, you will find some sort of art education. Whether that art takes the form of vocal or instrumental music, theater, dancing, writing or painting/drawing/creating, art has a prominent place in education. But have you ever stopped to wonder why? With all of the lessons that need to be crowded…  [read the full post]

What Sets Your College Application Apart From All The Rest?

One word . . . Resume. You may be thing, “What? A resume? I’m not trying to get a job; I just want to go to college!” But a personal resume can be a very helpful part of the process as you prepare for your next steps after high school. Think of a resume as…  [read the full post]

A Lesson For Us From The Tragedy In Oregon

Working within a school setting, we must admit that when news of yet another school shooting occurs, we take very careful notice. No matter where the shooting occurred, what type of school was traumatized, nor who the shooter’s intended victims were (in the most recent case in Oregon, very possibly Christians), we can’t help but…  [read the full post]