Public School vs Christian School – The Teaching Of Religion

For obvious reasons, the stand being taken in this Christian Worldview & Education blog published by a Christian School is that Christian education is of utmost importance. We unashamedly and boldly proclaim that, when it comes to educating the next generation, it should come from a position of Christian values. Our children are simply too […]

Christian Education: A Weapon In The Stand Against God’s Enemies

I listened to a sermon recently from a passage in Isaiah that held a great deal of encouragement for me. The specific topic concerned the oracles in Isaiah (chapters 13-23) against the many foreign nations around Israel and God’s people. There were two key concepts in this message that stood out to me: Don’t Align […]

What Christian Education Means To Me . . . Sixth Grade Words Of Wisdom

Quality Christian Education covers a wide array of topics. Excellence in academics, leadership development and preparation for the future are certainly among the top priorities. However, at the very top of the list of values that drive Christian educators is the teaching that God is central to all life. Whether it be in the classroom […]