Christian Education – Seniors to Kindergartners Preparing to Soar!

13 Years! In about 4 months, Heritage Christian Academy will be celebrating the 7th Commencement Exercises for the high school. The 27 current seniors will join a growing list of alumni that have graduated from HCA. Of these 27 seniors, seven have attended Heritage (and Westminster prior to the merger) since kindergarten. Their kindergarten teacher […]

How Important Is It That My Kids Go To Christian School?

A child’s experiences in school form the building blocks of that child’s spiritual foundation. Considering that, on average, children spend about 1200 hours in school each year, the people with whom your child interacts during this time frame will have a profound impact on your child’s spiritual development. Here are three important roles a Christian schoolteacher […]

A Philosophy of Christian Education

Why Does Heritage Christian Academy exist? To broaden that question, why does any Christian School exist? Maybe a better way to ask that would be: Why should Christian Schools exist? The Bible declares that Jesus is the Logos (Word, Reason, or Logic) through which everything was made (John 1:1-3) and in which everything holds together […]

Christian Education: A Weapon In The Stand Against God’s Enemies

I listened to a sermon recently from a passage in Isaiah that held a great deal of encouragement for me. The specific topic concerned the oracles in Isaiah (chapters 13-23) against the many foreign nations around Israel and God’s people. There were two key concepts in this message that stood out to me: Don’t Align […]

What Makes A Christian School Great ? {Hint: It Has To Do With Teachers!}

I had the privilege of attending a leadership conference earlier this summer. It was thoroughly enjoyable as it provided an opportunity to network with other Christian school leaders as well as hear from several excellent speakers on a variety of leadership topics. I have always found it beneficial to interact with, pray with, encourage and […]

What NOT To Look For When Choosing A School

I have a regular routine that commences shortly after the end of the school year and signals the beginning of summer…I clean and organize my desk and bookshelves. (This is a good thing as those of you who have visited my office can attest!) Invariably, I stumble across articles and books that I have previously […]