Great Teachers = Great Kids!

A school is successful because of its teachers! Average teachers make an average school while great teachers make a great school. The teachers at HCA are truly GREAT because they follow Jesus Christ, love students, and are passionate about the subject(s) they teach. As we settle into the summer routine, please take some time to…  [read the full post]

How Important Is It That My Kids Go To Christian School?

A child’s experiences in school form the building blocks of that child’s spiritual foundation. Considering that, on average, children spend about 1200 hours in school each year, the people with whom your child interacts during this time frame will have a profound impact on your child’s spiritual development. Here are three important roles a Christian schoolteacher…  [read the full post]

What Good Is A Christian Education?

Is Christian education expensive? Sometimes, yes. Especially when compared to the “free” public option offered in every town. Is Christian education a hassle? Sometimes, yes. Those parents who drive quite a bit out of their way twice each day to ensure their child is at a Christian school often pass multiple public busses in the…  [read the full post]

Ensuring Excellence in Education

What drives student performance in the classroom? Is it a great facility, outstanding curriculum, peer pressure, parental pressure, fear of failure, technology, classical training or additional funding? While each of those listed items has had some modicum of success, there is no consistent correlation between them and student achievement. As the debate rages over Common…  [read the full post]

15 Tips For Getting Back To School Successfully

We had barely passed the 4th of July celebrations when “Back to School” supplies started showing up on the shelves at the store. Most parents saw them, rolled their eyes at the early timing, and went about with their summer activities. Next came the “Back to School” commercials on tv. Most parents noticed them, thought…  [read the full post]

{Educator’s Secret} What We Don’t Know

I’m going to let you in on a little not-so-secret educator’s secret: We don’t know what information your children will need to know in order to be employable adults in our society in 10-15 years. Anyone who tells you they do know is either lying or dangerously arrogant. Technology is simply moving too fast for…  [read the full post]

The Cure For The Common Cynicism

One of the worst things a teacher can encounter in the classroom is a universal issue not limited to students alone. People of all ages, races and background tend to struggle with this single, poisonous mentality. It is a “rot” that can creep in quietly, regardless of station in life. Teachers – especially those working…  [read the full post]