A Year in Review

Year-end thoughts from HCA Administrator, Rick Lukianuk What a year it has been here at HCA. When 508 students arrived last August for the beginning of classes, we knew that God had many wonderful surprises in store for us, as well as many teachable moments, many problems to be solved together, many teams to cheer…  [read the full post]

Celebrating a Life Well-Lived; A Tribute to Caleb Schwab

At the end of last summer, we tragically (at least from our human perspective), lost a student, classmate and friend, Caleb Schwab, as he was about to enter 5th grade at HCA. We have spent this past school year learning how to deal with our grief, and seeking to understand God’s greater plan in the…  [read the full post]

What Is Your IKIGAI? (Hint: It Has To Do With Your Life’s Purpose)

Recognize this guy? We have a public service announcement for you . . . DON’T BE LIKE THIS GUY! In an episode of Seinfeld, the infamous “show about nothing,” the following exchange took place: Kramer: You’re wasting your life. George : I am not. What you call wasting, I call living. I’m living my life.…  [read the full post]

What Good Is A Christian Education?

Is Christian education expensive? Sometimes, yes. Especially when compared to the “free” public option offered in every town. Is Christian education a hassle? Sometimes, yes. Those parents who drive quite a bit out of their way twice each day to ensure their child is at a Christian school often pass multiple public busses in the…  [read the full post]

Teaching Christian Worldview to our Children

Worldview matters. And we dare say that, in light of all that is happening in the world today, worldview matters more than ever. Why? To answer that question, we must first define worldview. Simply put, our worldview consists of the set of beliefs – or the lens – through which we interpret the world around…  [read the full post]

Passion. So Much More Than Love.

“The word ‘passion’ has been hijacked … Misused and abused … Emasculated by a feel-good culture of moral relativism … Prostituted by personal development gurus.  Passion today is understood as ‘what excites you, what puts the sparkle in your eyes, the twinkle in your toes.’  The word has become candy for frivolous children when, at…  [read the full post]

Being Thankful For Your Seat On A Very Late Flight

Occasionally, words of encouragement – or even rebuke – come from the oddest of places. Take, for instance, the time comedian Louis C.K. had plenty to teach us about the art of being thankful. Not normally a person we would hold up as an example, Louis shared a story a few years back with Conan…  [read the full post]

Can We Prove The Bible Is True?

As Christians, we believe without hesitation that the Bible is absolutely, unerringly true. We believe that is it holy and Spirit-breathed. We believe Hebrews 4:12 when it states, “For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword…” However, we live in a fallen world that does not share those firm…  [read the full post]

Youth Who Are Simply “Nones”

The Pew Research Center release a study this week titled “America’s Changing Religious Landscape.” In it, they noted the dramatic drop in those who consider themselves “Christian” since their last study in 2007. Most markedly, Millennials (young people born between 1990 and 1996) who consider themselves “nones” had both the largest increase, and now make…  [read the full post]

10 Little Things That Make a Huge Christmas Difference

Ah… the Christmas season. For most Christians, it is a season of mixed feelings. There are activities to plan, decorating to complete and gifts to buy.  And for those with children still in school, there can be the added stress of class parties, teacher gifts and Christmas programs.  It’s enough to wear anyone out! When…  [read the full post]