How Important Is It That My Kids Go To Christian School?

A child’s experiences in school form the building blocks of that child’s spiritual foundation. Considering that, on average, children spend about 1200 hours in school each year, the people with whom your child interacts during this time frame will have a profound impact on your child’s spiritual development. Here are three important roles a Christian schoolteacher […]

5 Prayers For Back To School

It’s that time of year again . . . Back to School. For HCA, teachers are in place, classrooms are prepped, and we are excited to begin a new year with our students. For parents, “back to school” can bring a host of emotions, from a bit of joy (we understand!) to feelings of apprehension. […]

Is Perpetually Praising Our Children Actually Hurting Them?

I was recently listening to my morning inspirational radio show on the way to work (The Border Patrol on 810) and heard Tim Grunhard, former Chiefs All-Pro offensive lineman talking about an experience he had with his daughter at the Kansas state swim meet.  In the preliminaries, his daughter swam the fastest time in the […]