Staying Involved In Your Children’s Friendships

Friends. Life is certainly richer for the friends who are in our lives. They are the ones who share our laughs and our successes, our fears and our failures. God created us with a desire for deep friendship. Proverbs 17:17 even describes what a true friendship looks like: “A friend loves at all times, and…  [read the full post]

Do As I Do. Small Words . . . Huge Impact

“Your walk talks, and your talk talks … but your walk talks louder than your talk talks.” “What you do speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you say.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson Several years ago (OK, many years ago) when my son was in late elementary/early JrHi, I was talking with a friend of…  [read the full post]

How Important Is It That My Kids Go To Christian School?

A child’s experiences in school form the building blocks of that child’s spiritual foundation. Considering that, on average, children spend about 1200 hours in school each year, the people with whom your child interacts during this time frame will have a profound impact on your child’s spiritual development. Here are three important roles a Christian schoolteacher…  [read the full post]

Avoiding the Summer Slide – Summer Reading Ideas for Kids

The following post is shared with us by HCA Elementary School Librarian, Marla Lewis. Have you heard of the Summer Slide?  Our kids do a lot of sliding over the summer. They slide at the park, at baseball and softball games, slide out of bed after sleeping in, and slide down water slides at water…  [read the full post]

5 Things We Need To Say To Our Children Every Day

We are quickly approaching that time of year where school is out for the long summer, and parents remember very quickly that kids are around the house. All the time. This is a good thing. . . it really is. And while we may tire of the complaints of “I’m bored” and the occasional bickering…  [read the full post]

Fighting The Entitled Mentality In Our Children

As we enter the final two months of the year, we find our children walking a tightrope between thankfulness and desire. The month of November often turns our focus to being thankful for what we have. Through opportunities to serve, shoe boxes to fill with items for those in less-fortunate cultures, and even a day…  [read the full post]

10 Encouraging Quotes For Parents

We are in the business of educating children. That means that we daily come alongside parents, working with them to instill the values and beliefs that are important to them. While we strive for excellence in education, we also desire to be a helpful resource to parents as they train up their children. Sometimes, that…  [read the full post]

Is Perpetually Praising Our Children Actually Hurting Them?

I was recently listening to my morning inspirational radio show on the way to work (The Border Patrol on 810) and heard Tim Grunhard, former Chiefs All-Pro offensive lineman talking about an experience he had with his daughter at the Kansas state swim meet.  In the preliminaries, his daughter swam the fastest time in the…  [read the full post]