HCA . . . In The Words Of Our Alumni (Part 5)

We are publishing, from time to time, a series of blog posts in which we hear from past students of HCA. In their own words, they can speak best as to how the school has prepared them for the next phase of their lives. It is encouraging to hear from these students. They are now “out in the world,” most of them furthering their schooling, and preparing to make an impact as adults on the world around them. It is both exciting and humbling to read their words of how their time at HCA grounded them in Scripture and gave them a solid start.

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 Leadership, love, deep spiritual knowledge, passion, academic preparation.

These are just a few of the things that HCA equipped me with before I graduated and began pursuing further education. I attend Sterling College (a private liberal arts college) and this last semester I took several Bible classes, one of which was Basic Christian Philosophy. As intimidating as this sounds, I was able to grasp some of the concepts in the class quite easily as well as put forth arguments as to why I believe what I do. This is due to the academic preparation instilled in me at HCA. This is just one example of many of HCA’s grooming and training proving valuable in my post-high school education.

Though academic preparation has been incredibly helpful and carefully applied, the most important things HCA grew in me happened to not focus on academics (though academics was a pathway for many of these as well). I began growing spiritually in tremendous ways by eing cultivated in a healthy Christian environment. The teenager who started her freshman year as a spiritual toddler grew steadily and finished her senior year with a great deal more spiritual maturity. A passion for God stirred in me and my heart grew nearer to Him. The more I learned about Him and the more I had an opportunity to apply these things, the further I progressed in my walk with Him. God showed me how to love the unlovable and make a difference in the lives of others. What better preparation is there for college life than God growing you more into His image?

One last area in which I grew and developed was leadership. HCA presented me with opportunities to plant and cultivate leadership by practicing it on a regular basis. I know for a fact that my fellow HCA alumni would testify to this idea of cultivating leadership and it would look different for each person. For me, leadership took place in the form of worship. HCA’s West Campus chapels are a beautiful part of the liturgy of the school and the musical worship that takes place there is student-led. I was a part of the worship team for most of my high school career and, nearing the end of my Sophomore year, became aware that there would be an opening in the worship leader spot for the next year. Knowing my passion and ability to play/sing, he began training me and showing me how to lead so that I could take his place the following year. For my Junior and Senior year, a fellow 2014 grad and I led worship and began preparing and training the upcoming classes to lead when we were gone. During those two years, my leadership abilities bloomed and flourished – so much so that my major currently is Christian Ministries with an emphasis in Youth and Worship Leadership.

The leadership skills I experienced and cultivated during this time have carried into other areas of my college experience aside from my major. For example, I was blessed to be able to start up a worship night every other Tuesday at a central, outdoor location on campus as well as participate in various other worship activities at college. I am also involved in a group called Ministry Teams that travels to nearby locations (churches and schools) and leads worship as well as shares spoken word. I was heavily involved in the music section of Ministry Teams and I was blessed again to be asked to be a band leader next year for this music team. All of this is a result of the leadership God grew in me through HCA.

There is so much I learned through Heritage and I hope to carry those lessons on for the rest of my life. The Lord is at work in the people who attend and teach at Heritage. He is raising up leaders through this school to make a difference for Him and to touch the lives of others for His glory so His praise will echo through eternity.

– Brittany Bowman
Class of 2014

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