Keeping The Faith {Part 2}

Hopefully you were encouraged by last month’s post in which an HCA alumnus shared how her faith has not disappeared in college but has grown! It is helpful for all of us to remember the promise that we find in Philippians 1:6, that “He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it.

As promised, this month’s post will feature another graduate of HCA. Although the experience and perspective are different, the theme of God’s faithfulness is once again central.

* What has been the biggest challenge to having your faith be a vital part of your life in college? How have you dealt with that challenge?

The biggest challenge to having my faith be a vital part of my life in college has been my own lack of self control. I know the truth, and it has set me free. No one and no thing could convince me otherwise, and I trust in God’s firm grip on my eternity. However, I find myself lacking discipline in areas that cause me to sin and pass over opportunities for Gospel sharing. Even waking up late impacts my day, because that means that my personal devotions are forced or quick, and I don’t seek God for His guidance and blessing for the day. So maintaining discipline, especially in the little things, helps me deal with my walk with God.

* What would you say has been important in helping you to grow in your faith while you are in college?

There are two things that have helped me grow in my faith. The first is my friend group. I have a tight group of (Christian) friends who support me, pray for me, challenge me, and hold me accountable to being intentional in my walk with God. My non-Christian friends motivate me and challenge me as well. I don’t view them just as a mission field, but to build relationships and show love. The second thing is my perspective on the day. I view everyday as a day of war. This war is against my flesh and against the spiritual powers who want me defeated. This perspective of a literal battle has helped me triumph when I ask God to give me strength and wisdom throughout the day, and has helped me grow as a person.

* Many people believe that coming out of high school will be very challenging and that their faith will be mocked and ridiculed or undermined in their university. Have you found this to be the case?

People will mock you, at the least. Jesus said so. If you’re not being persecuted, you’re in a bubble of comfort or passivity; God calls us to neither. My freshman year, a teacher presented a question of what it meant to be human. After listening to many suggestions that were all disputed by classmates, I proposed that a primarily metaphysical reason made us human, not anything temporal. It was laughed at by many in the class, and we moved on. But that gave me hope, strangely enough. And it led to a Gospel conversation later. School is not bad though; many people are respectful as long as I am. College is a great time to talk to people about perspective, because people are genuinely exploring what they believe.

*Is there a Scripture which has strengthened you in this stage of life?

Hebrews 12.3-4 has been a Scripture passage I enjoy. “Yes, think about him who endured such hostility against himself from sinners, so that you won’t grow tired or become despondent. You have not yet registered to the point of shedding blood in the contest against sin.” On a lighter note, my roommate and I put up Bible verses on our door. One of my favorites is Isaiah 45.1-7, which describes God’s power and authority. It’s a little lengthy, so I won’t put it here. But you should check it out!

* How would you describe your faith now as compared to when you graduated from high school?

I would definitely say my faith in God and satisfaction in God’s character is greater than what it was in high school. That’s pretty much it.

* How do you balance understanding other worldviews and perspectives while still being firm in your own Christian faith?

I still struggle with this question actually. I’m an anthropology major, so I learn about a lot of worldviews. I guess it’s most important to listen to what people have to say, and filter it through what Scripture says. Evaluating perspectives from a logical standpoint is important. Quite a few people haven’t really thought through their beliefs and what they mean, so it may surprise them if you ask pointed questions. And I guess that’s the final thing: ask good, direct questions. Questions make people evaluate their own thinking, and getting someone to see their own ideas and perhaps false thinking is better than just stating your opinion, which could be flawed as well. As a bonus, you get to learn about the person! I’ve found well placed questions are much less confrontational and judgmental-sounding than harsh statements.

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