Why We Love Kansas City

This article was originally published on October 29, 2015 – a mere 3 days before our beloved Royals won the World Series. This past weekend, the city once again rallied behind our team – this time, the Chiefs – supporting them despite a forecasted ice storm and the cold of winter. Unfortunately, Sunday night’s game was the end of the season for us. But it drove the point of this article home once again as the whole of KC moved from “Royal Blue” to “Chiefs Red.” Our entire skyline was bathed in a red glow over the weekend, and there was scarcely a tv set in the metro area that wasn’t tuned to the game.

So while the bulk of this article was written 15 months ago, on the cusp of winning it all, it stands as true today as it did then.

Kansas City is truly a special place!

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind right now that the entire Kansas City metro area is standing behind their beloved Royals baseball team.  Even as far out as the southernmost suburbs, one can hear fireworks celebrating each of their wins.

But what may surprise those who don’t live in Kansas City is that we are no more proud of our city now that the Royals are in the World Series than at the times when they had a less-than-stellar season.  The fact is, Kansas Citians love Kansas City.  For years, they have taken pride in the place they call home.  And, win or lose, those who live in this great city will support it in an almost fanatic way.

James Hoskins, Bible and Science teacher here at HCA, recently wrote about the deep love we have for our city in his article titled “Superstition Has Not Made Kansas City Great; Love Has.”  Developing the statement that President Obama offered recently, “Something is going on in Kansas City,” James has insightfully pinpointed some of the reasons that Kansas City truly is a great home to its residents; reasons that those who live here truly love Kansas City:

We don’t love Kansas City because it’s better. We love it because it’s home.

For decades, KC residents have been pouring their love into the city, their home, often in seemingly arbitrary and irrational ways. People have willingly taken up residence in dilapidated areas populated by abandoned warehouses; they’ve planted thousands of tulips along Troost Avenue in the racially divided urban core; they’ve adorned the landscape with public art; they’ve poured their time and money into areas once condemned; they’ve kept going to Royals games.

And you know what happened? Well, nothing for a long time. And then, almost over night it seems, those dilapidated areas transformed into a booming arts and tech district. Kansas City became more beautiful and more unified — and, yes, the Royals started winning. None of these things happened, however, because people just believed they would. Like a bamboo shoot, they have grown suddenly and organically out of the nourishing love that people have selflessly poured into Kansas City for years with no measurable result.

James closes with this powerful statement:

Something is going on in Kansas City. It is the caretaking its residents have poured into their home during its darkest times and into its unloveliest places. Kansas Citians love Kansas City simply because it is theirs. And we love the Royals simply because they’re ours. Moments of glory, like the Royals reaching the World Series, are like the blooming of a flower after a long frost. It’s a time of enjoying the fruits of our labor, and a joy that comes from seeing something you love flourish. Yet, we don’t only love Kansas City because it is flourishing. It is flourishing because we have loved it.

And no matter which way this Series may fall, we still believe that Kansas City is truly one of the best places on earth.

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If you are interested in learning more about this phenomenal Christian school in this great city, please visit our website www.whyswitch2hca.com. There you will find further information, videos and facts that enable you to make an educated decision about whether our Christian school is right for you.

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