A Christian Response To The Orlando Shootings

At this point, we know quite a bit about what took place in an Orlando nightclub in the early morning hours of last Sunday. In a short amount of time, 50 people entered eternity and another 53 were injured. This single act is being described as the most deadly shooting in American history. In an…  [read the full post]

Lessons Learned This School Year

The last students have been picked up and there is an eerie quiet in the halls. After two weeks of non stop activity, including concerts, playoff games, class parties, class trips, final exams, graduation and family celebrations, it is time to take a deep breath and begin the preparations for the first day of school…  [read the full post]

Avoiding the Summer Slide – Summer Reading Ideas for Kids

The following post is shared with us by HCA Elementary School Librarian, Marla Lewis. Have you heard of the Summer Slide?  Our kids do a lot of sliding over the summer. They slide at the park, at baseball and softball games, slide out of bed after sleeping in, and slide down water slides at water…  [read the full post]

Passion. So Much More Than Love.

“The word ‘passion’ has been hijacked … Misused and abused … Emasculated by a feel-good culture of moral relativism … Prostituted by personal development gurus.  Passion today is understood as ‘what excites you, what puts the sparkle in your eyes, the twinkle in your toes.’  The word has become candy for frivolous children when, at…  [read the full post]

Keeping the Faith {Part 3}

It has been encouraging these past couple of months to read the thoughts shared by HCA alumni about growing in the Lord after leaving the tight-knit community of HCA. As parents and teachers, comfort can be found in the faithfulness of our God. As the apostle Paul reminds us: “He who began a good work…  [read the full post]

8 Keys to Succeed in Elementary School

“Research shows that parent support is more important to school success than a child’s IQ, economic status or school setting.“ –US Department of Education Success in school, and in life, can be guided and nurtured from a very early start. Beginning in elementary school, children can be led towards the habits that will establish a…  [read the full post]

5 Things We Need To Say To Our Children Every Day

We are quickly approaching that time of year where school is out for the long summer, and parents remember very quickly that kids are around the house. All the time. This is a good thing. . . it really is. And while we may tire of the complaints of “I’m bored” and the occasional bickering…  [read the full post]

The Skills Your Child Needs For Future Success {Are They Getting Them?}

I recently came across an article from the World Economic Forum where they identified skills that are valued in the 21st century workforce. (Specific definitions of each of these 16 identified skills are listed in Appendix 1 in the linked article.)  The foundational literacies are the traditional core skills (reading, writing, and arithmetic) with an…  [read the full post]

Christian School & Spirituality {Part 5 of 5: Issues Facing the Christian School}

Over the course of the next few weeks, we want to go back and re-address some of the first blog posts that we published when we started our Christian Education and Worldview Blog. That was close to two years ago now . . . and we have many additional readers added to our list since…  [read the full post]